Promote Your Business On Our Site!

Let Us Promote Your Business On Our Site!

Today’s consumers are BARGAIN HUNTERS! November 23 was Black Friday. Saturday November 24 was Small Business Saturday, and November 26, was Cyber Monday and TV commercials are still running Cyber Monday specials.

We want to promote YOUR business with ONGOING deals, discounts and promotions on this site. We invite astute business owners and/or managers such as yourself to take advantage of our efforts.

We will be doing a MASSIVE local promotion of our website aimed at consumers patronizing businesses in the immediate area by passing out our MAGIC CARD pictured below to THOUSANDS of people we see walking on Main, Central and Washington streets in downtown Royal Oak in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

They can use their phones to view and take advantage of any coupons and deals you offer on our site, then be directed to your web site or facility to do business with you! Would you like that?

Our site will feature:

  • a detailed individual page featuring your business address and contact information
  • a detailed Google map showing your location
  • Your own password so that you can edit the content as you wish, giving you total control of your content
  • an extensive photo slideshow of your business location and products
  • a deluxe search feature showing business categories and specific types of food
  • a Coupons And Deals page showing coupons and promotions with expiration timers to create urgency
  • SAMPLES of such HERE

We want to start our promotion the week starting with Cyber Monday, (November 26 to December 1).  We want YOUR BUSINESS to benefit from our massive promotion.

We have given you a complimentary (FREE) deluxe FULL FEATURED listing based upon content from your existing website.

If you are not interested – we’ll remove your page and we won’t bother you any more. Don’t let your competition get an unfair advantage over you by participating in our campaign in your absence.


All we want for this is:

  • $10/Month! (paid yearly) for the  existing page we have created for you on our site – AND any coupons and deals you may want posted on your page AND our Coupons And Deals Page during our Holiday Season promo period.
  • Only $30/month (just $1/day) after our Holiday Season promotion for OUR adding as many specials and coupons or deals that you may want promoted on OUR Coupons And Deals Page where we will direct the public to look for discounts in Royal Oak. You can add them to your deluxe profile listing page on our site for NO COST.

SPECIAL OFFER: If you join us on or before the week of Cyber Monday (November 26 – December 1) we will make a 1 minute commercial for your page for only $100!



  • A Deluxe Listing For A Year For $120 or,
  • A Deluxe Listing For A Year With Promotional Video

BOTH of these options include coupons and deals through December 31, 2018.

Membership Rates

THEN, email us at to let us know you joined